WHY play SQuash?

Ever wondered what the healthiest sport is? Well, according to a survey by Forbes Magazine, squash is top of the leader board. After consulting with personal trainers, coaches and exercise physiologists, 10 sports were listed as being the ‘healthiest’. Squash took first place, closely followed by rowing, rock climbing
and swimming.

Imagine the scene – You’re on fire. You’re chasing every ball, thriving on adrenaline as the rally goes on, enjoying banter with your mate and getting fit without thinking about it. This is sport as you’ve never experienced before. 

Whether you want to get your squash thrill back or pick up a racket for the first time, you’ll find squash an exciting, indoor court-based game for all ages and abilities. All you need is a ball, a racket, a friend and a wall, oh and a spare lunch break.  A game lasts around 30-40 minutes and you’ll burn up to 600 calories, so you can fit a hit in between your busy day and is a great family activity too.



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